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I get the “Bailout Blues” before and after.

October 10, 2008

Well it seems that when the Government tried to bail out the Wall Street Fucks that have created a mess of our economy it seems that nobody is listening. Have you seen the markets since the bailout has been approved?  Everyone is moving their money out of the markets, and away from the US dollar. And frankly I don’t blame them. Everybody knows what happens when you put the fox in charge of the hen house, after a while you don’t have a single hen.

Amazing, it seems that everybody knows that this bailout is essentially a corporate Welfare move to help perpetuate the global banking and multinational corporation elites. Even if the American public gets some “share” of the banks after they bail out the banks, what will Joe Six-Pack get? Most likely a layoff notice soon to be followed by an eviction notice from the same bank that is receiving Mr. Six-Pack’s tax funded welfare.

I would love to see a comparison of  what the government has spend on what Ronald Reagan would have called the “Welfare Queens” since that jerk took office in 1980 as compared to how much money we the taxpayer have basically funneled into the jaws of the Welfare Kings of the “Free Market System”. I’ll bet that corporations have swindled an order of magnitude more money out of our pockets than all of the “Welfare Queens” combined.

I just hope the hell that someone wakes up and saves this country before we go thru another Great Depression or worse another Corporate verions of WWII Nazi Germany. Either way, Mr. C. is not holding his breath!

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  1. October 10, 2008 5:04 pm

    So let me understand the plan. I’m the one drowning in a sea of debt, but you throw the life preserver to the drunk Captain thats standing safely on shore? The same drunken captain (and crew) that caused the shipwreck in the first place?
    It’s becoming more clear each day that “nobody Cares” Least of all those in Washington. – TMNK (The Me Nobody Knows)

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