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Mr. C is back..again..

October 6, 2008

Well as usual, Mr. C. has been in isolation for the last 10 years or so, somewhere in an undisclosed Bush, Government detention location. Where Mr. C. learned how to land surf, otherwise know as “Water Boarding” and how to sit in uncomfortable positions for days without end.

Oh well, it seems that the good times cant last forever, so Mr. C. is back from his enforced vaccation and is ready to get back into sticking his foot in his mouth, and hopefully in some choice conservatard ass,  at any given chance.

It seems that a lot has gone on since Mr. C. has been away. It looks like Bush Co. has suceeded in allowing the American Ducket turn into worthless paper ( can anyone say Mexico or Post WWI Germany?). it also appears that  the American public is going to pay for Wall Street’s plunder to the tune of a trillion dollars. Can anyone say Iraq Occupation 2.0?

Well it seems that America can’t be left to its own devices without Mr. C, so Mr. C will be spouting something resembeling the truth at the Idiots in charge.

A big thanks to all of you that have kept on reading The C-Tard while Mr. C. was on vaccation and those of you who posted your comments. Keep of the fight and don’t let the Conservatards get you down.


Mr. Conservatard


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