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Investigate, Don’t Nominate One Trick Rudy!

November 1, 2007

Mr. C. just got thru visiting which is a website created by Brave New Films. On the site are several short films covering how one trick Rudy Giuliani, the “hero” of 9/11, was not really a hero at all but a incompetent scumbag that should be investigated instead of being nominated as the next Republican presidential candidate.

Below are some of the better films from  Mr. C encourages his reader(s) to visit the website and watch some of the films. If you agree that Rudy is a scumbag, then sign the online petition to have Rudy Giuliani investigated for his colossal mismanagement of New York City on 9/11.

See Rudy give Motorola a no bid contract for NYC Firefighter radios that didn’t work!

 See why Rudy decided to place is emergency response command center in the one place that was a known terrorist target.

See what a lasting impression Rudy left on some NYC council members.

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