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Mr. C. is back, and truly in a sorry state of mind.

October 3, 2007

Mr. C. has to apologize to his reader(s?) for not posting in almost a month. You see, Mr. C has been on a vacation, of sorts. An all paid trip by the Bushtard administration to an undisclosed location in the southwestern US.

In another day and age, this would be called kidnapping and torture. However, since it is 2007 and we all live in the brave new world of the Bustard administration, today it is just called “extraordinary rendition” and “alternate interrogation” methods.

But enough of my fun filled vacation, at the taxpayers expense. The end result is that I, Mr. C, have seen the light. I now knows that my attempts at criticizing the Bushtard administration were just plain misguided and evil. I now see the light that Bush & Co. really want the average US citizen to be “happy” and “safe” from the big bad world of Islam-O-Fascism. I, Mr. C, now understand that the reason for the unprecedented secrecy of the Bush administration is because George and Dick know what is best for us and are taking care of business so that the rest of us won’t have our shopping time interrupted.

From this day forward, I, Mr. C, have pledged to be a model citizen. To only use my privilege of “free speech”, granted to me by the private contractors at my undisclosed vacation spot, to support the efforts of the Bush administration without question. I will soon be changing the name of this site from “The Conservatard” to “G.W. Bush is the only True God” site. Kind of catchy, don’t you think?

Editors Note:

Mr. C neither represents the opinions nor views of the editors of “The Conservatard”. In fact Mr. C will most likely be spending the next few weeks at a mental hospital, specializing in deprogramming brainwashed ex-cult members.

Until then we at the Conservatard’s editorial staff fully intend to keep on “stickin’ it to the man”, by pointing out and exposing the truth of the Bustard cabal and any one else that threaten the freedom and liberties of every U.S. citizen.

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