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Why Haven’t I Heard About This On The News?

August 13, 2007

Mr. C gets this question all the time from friends, family and enemies alike. Whenever he points out the crimes of the Bushtard cabal, people always ask “why haven’t I heard about this Mr C.?”Like A Sheep to the Slaughter!

Mr. C usually responds, the American main stream media (MSM) is mostly owned by five multinational corporations. He makes the point that if you are a giant corporation that owns a news organization and several other divisions that provide everything from military equipment, government contracts and even commercial medical interests, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to “spin” any reports that could put you in a bad light? Most people acknowledge that they would do the same. This may be acceptable if the world was ruled by corporations, oh wait! , the world is ruled by corporations.

Unfortunately, the founding fathers relied on what is known as the “Fourth Estate” or a free and open press to help inform the public and help keep the government honest. They relied on a free press to help the average person become aware when the government or any organization is overstepping the law or the will of the people. That is why for years, mass media ownership was regulated by our government. Media ownership consolidation used illegal to prevent a few businesses from controlling the majority of media and news outlets. Unfortunately, the Regan administration and following administrations have either removed these limits or not enforced ownership laws of American media. The founding fathers are probably rolling in their graves and kicking themselves in the arse for not including wording in the constitution, forbidding media and press monopolies.

Not surprisingly, today’s American news outlets are more like corporate propaganda outlets rather than independent news organizations. As America is sleeping, or is too weak and frightened to say anything, their one time reliable news providers have been subverted by the interests of just a few corporate entities.At least in totalitarian countries, when you hear a news item from state supported agencies, people automatically know that most of it is lies and propaganda.

Here, in former United States of America, the corporate controlled MSM outlets are a little bit slicker. They have merged real news and propaganda, using physiological marketing techniques that have been crafted and perfected by corporations over the last century to sell things to consumers. The only difference is instead of selling physical products, they are selling ideals and beliefs in order to better control the population. The resulting “news” product is a slick, entertaining, half truth parade of corporate and government propaganda. The evening news today is more of an entertainment and propaganda advertising vehicle, than an informative information source.

Eventually, like all good herd animals, even the American sheeple start sensing that something is wrong with the news that they are ingesting. It seems that the American public is finally starting to catch on to the fact that their evening news is more propaganda than information. In a recent Pew Research Center survey, more than half of the American public thinks that American news agencies are both inaccurate and biased.

Hopefully, the American public will start seeking other sources of news and information. News that contains verifiable facts and information that can be used by people to help them see the truth from the lies. Exposing the lies of that the Bush regime and the corporations have been spoon feeing the American public over the last decade. Hopefully the American public will wake up to this fact before entering the chute to the slaughter house.

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  1. dissident formerly known as angrychowder permalink
    August 13, 2007 9:27 pm

    Hey, at least we know when a pretty white girl goes missing.

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