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King George’s Executive Decree: Give Liberals a “Free” Vacation.

May 25, 2007

Just one of the many activities at the Hotel Halliburton has an article called “New presidential directive gives Bush dictatorial power” where it gives a brief analysis of Bush’s latest executive order.

Mr. C read the actual post on the website a few days ago, but because he is not up on his “legal speak” and was a little confused. That is probably the reason that it was totally missed by the main stream media. Nobody but a lawyer can understand it.

Knowing that King George wants to be a maniacal dictator is not a real shocker. Mr. C has had his prison cell picked out at the “Hotel Halliburton” for a long time now. He looks forward to his “mandatory” vacation dictated by the royal Bush court along with the rest of the liberal scum that refuses to believe a word that his majesty says.

Think of it, day after day of forced rest in your own private cage. Non stop relaxation, only to be interrupted when private Blackwater “instructors” lead you in a variety of “recreational” activities that include:

Water boarding: Swimming is so 1990’s. At Hotel Halliburton you can be dunked into water tanks and have water soaked rages shoved into your nose and mouth. The fun dosn’t stop until you confess to what ever your “instructor” wants to hear.

Climate Acclimation Exercises: Imagine your self standing in 32 degree F rooms for hours on end. You will be the toughest liberal on the cell block.

Costume Parties: What other vacation spot gives you your very own personal hood, ear muffs and mouth gag for that complete isolationist experience.

Standing Parties: Often combined with the Climate Acclimation Exercises, participants are “allowed” to be bound in awkward positions and “encouraged” to stand for up to 8 hours at a time. Imagine how strong your calf and thigh muscles will be after just a week!

Pet Therapy:Ever seen volunteers bringing pets into hospitals and retirement homes as therapy? Well at Hotel Halliburton we take this one step further by introducing inmates “visitors” to frequent visits by trained attack dogs. You will gain a new respect for “mans best friend”.

Cheer up my friends, King George loves his loyal subjects. And those that don’t love his royal majesty in return, will receive a free vacation. The only thing that Mr. C can say is that its nothing but roses and sunshine from now on in the good old US of A.

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