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The Bushtard War On The Poor: Thousands Lose Medicaide.

March 12, 2007

In an article in the New York Times today called “Citizens who Lack Papers Lose Medicaid” author Robert Pear uncovers how hundreds of thousands of legitimate US citizens are losing the tiny amount of medical care that they rely on from Medicaid.War On the Poor

Citizens who Lack Papers Lose Medicaid

WASHINGTON, March 11 — A new federal rule intended to keep illegal immigrants from receiving Medicaid has instead shut out tens of thousands of United States citizens who have had difficulty complying with requirements to show birth certificates and other documents proving their citizenship, state officials say.

Under a 2006 federal law, the Deficit Reduction Act, most people who say they are United States citizens and want Medicaid must provide “satisfactory documentary evidence of citizenship,” which could include a passport or the combination of a birth certificate and a driver’s license.

Some state officials say the Bush administration went beyond the law in some ways, for example, by requiring people to submit original documents or copies certified by the issuing agency.

“The largest adverse effect of this policy has been on people who are American citizens,” said Kevin W. Concannon, director of the Department of Human Services in Iowa, where the number of Medicaid recipients dropped by 5,700 in the second half of 2006, to 92,880, after rising for five years. “We have not turned up many undocumented immigrants receiving Medicaid in Waterloo, Dubuque or anywhere else in Iowa,” Mr. Concannon said.

…In Florida, the number of children on Medicaid declined by 63,000, to 1.2 million, from July 2006 to January of this year.

…Since Ohio began enforcing the document requirement in September, the number of children and parents on Medicaid has declined by 39,000, to 1.3 million, and state officials attribute most of the decline to the new requirement. Jon Allen, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, said the state had not seen a drop of that magnitude in 10 years.

Dr. Michaels, who is president of the Georgia chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said that some children with asthma had lost their Medicaid coverage and could not afford the medications they had been taking daily to prevent wheezing. “Some of these children had asthma attacks and had to be admitted to hospitals,” he said.

In Virginia, health insurance for children has been a top priority for state officials, and the number of children on Medicaid increased steadily for several years. But since July, the number has declined by 13,300, to 373,800, according to Cindi B. Jones, chief deputy director of the Virginia Medicaid program.

“The federal rule closed the door on our ability to enroll people over the telephone and the Internet, wiping out a full year of progress in covering kids,” Ms. Jones said.

Mr. C. has had his expectations of the government lowered over the last seven years. Terms like treason, constant war, war on the middle class, and blood for oil are now so common when talking about this administration that he is starting to become numb. What Mr. C. will never accept is when the conservatards pick on the poorest and most helpless of Americans.

If the intent of the “Deficit Reduction Act” truly was to prevent illegal aliens from obtaining government services it has failed. I’m sure that anybody associated with Medicaid would be able to foresee the problems with poor people obtaining proof of citizenship. I’m sure the fact that thoudands of children are being hurt by these rules doesn’t bother the conservatards in the least. Seven years of the Bushtard war on America has proven that it is naive to assume good intentions when dealing with criminal sociopaths like Bush, Cheney and the conservatards in congress.

Unfortunately denying the sick and the poor help is all to much the norm these days. The Bushtards have gone to great lengths to change the balance of wealth in this country for a result like this to not be intentional. If the fools on the hill are not stopped , we won’t have a country left for them to ruin.

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