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Support Our Troops! Give Them A Phantom Anthrax Vaccine!

March 6, 2007 published an article yesterday called Millions Wasted On Anthrax Vaccine Search? It sheds some light on just how much American Taxpayer money has been wasted on the Anthrax vaccine. All under the guise of “protecting our troops”. In reality, it is more about filling the pockets of government contractors.Support Our Troops! Give Them A Phantom Anthrax Vaccine!

Editors Note: Highlighted text is by Mr. Conservatard.

Millions Wasted On Anthrax Vaccine Search?

March 4, 2007

(CBS) The California company VaxGen was the first to get a government BioShield contract in 2004 — a huge one worth $877 million dollars — to develop a better anthrax vaccine.”They were given milestone to meet — production schedules,” said Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Michigan, of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. “They didn’t meet one of them. Not one of them.”Things were so bad, that recently the government decided to pull the plug on the whole project. VaxGen ends up with only $1.5 million tax dollars.But CBS News discovered taxpayers are actually on the hook for a much larger bill than that.It turns out VaxGen had already been awarded $100 million tax dollars for the anthrax project from another government agency: the National Institutes of Health.Congressman Rogers, who represents the district of a VaxGen competitor, says he wonders why the government entrusted VaxGen with so much money to begin with.VaxGen has never put a single dose of any vaccine on the market.Before the anthrax vaccine flop, the company was best known for failing to develop an AIDS vaccine, using $8 million in taxpayer dollars.And VaxGen got delisted from the stock exchange for failing to file proper papers in 2004.”When you started peeling back the onion, it started to look pretty bad,” said Rogers. “It did not pass the smell test. It was a company that had no proven track record, and here was the recipient of almost $100 million of U.S. taxpayer money and had nowhere to go with it.””We remain confident that with the proper support, we could develop a modern anthrax vaccine,” said Lance Ignon, a VaxGen vice president.He insists they could have worked out the kinks if they’d just had more time, and it’s the government that has wasted your tax dollars by pulling the contract midstream. He also adds that the company spent way more shareholder money than tax dollars on the vaccine research.”There’s been a modest investment on the part of the government in the research of this vaccine, and it is, to us, regrettable that that investment will now be squandered because the government decided to terminate this contract.”What’s next for the government’s Project BioShield quest for a new anthrax vaccine? It’s back to the drawing board. What’s next for VaxGen? They’re working on a new vaccine for smallpox, without tax dollars.

Mr. C. has read a little about the fraud and waste of the Bushtard regime regarding the Anthrax vaccine. It looks like the main stream media has finally gotten spine enough to report on it.

Most Americans don’t realize how much political and corporate nonsense has surrounded the entire military vaccination program. It hasn’t been reported on the nightly TV news and most people don’t dig deep into the paper to read the little snippets that do get reported on.

For a decent summary on the entire Anthrax Vaccine debacle The Conservatards reader(s) can research a decent set of articles on the Daily Press called “Special Report: Anthrax Puzzle“. Good reading and it seems to outline much of the history surrounding the Anthrax vaccine pork barrel project.

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  1. March 7, 2007 9:01 am

    I’m not a liberal, but this is a great post about spending that the masses either doesn’t understand, or doesn’t care about.

    The military cannot “opt-out” of vaccines either unless they can prove an allergic reaction in the past, who can prove something like that?

    Can you imagine what the corp.’s make that put out the flu vaccine and mist that is “required” of all military members in the U.S. and I believe abroad?

  2. April 13, 2007 10:26 pm

    As a former military officer who has family and close friends still serving in the military, I have never criticized the CONCEPT of the anthrax vaccine. A shot (or series of shots) that will protect our troops from harm is a laudable idea. Sadly, that’s all it is. I am an attorney who exclusively represents military members, and I have represented numerous individuals who have either been injured by the vaccinations or refused to take them. When comparing the number of military members saved by the vaccine (0) with the number injured, disabled, and/or killed by it (scores and climbing), why does the program survive? The answer is the “political and corporate nonsense” you refer to. I too have authored several blog posts on the anthrax vaccine topic, to include the latest post that alerts readers to a talkshow on which a former USAF JAG 100% disabled by the anthrax vaccine will be featured. The link is:

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