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Big Brother, Big Business.

February 12, 2007

Mr. C. just got done watching an old CNBC report from November of 2006 from called “Big Brother, Big Business” about how little privacy you have in your life. If you think that you business is your own then you would be wrong. Your business is actually big business for private corporations.

Not surprisingly many of the “private” companies mentioned in the special are the of the usual suspects like Choice Point and Acxiom whose data mining is used extensively by the NSA, CIA and the FBI. When will the constitutional rights of Americans supersede government and corporate interests? The answer to that question is sadly probably never.

The only way that “we the people” have of combating this type of fascist activity is to expose it to the light of truth. Watch the video and pass on the knowledge to your fiends. The only way that we can defend ourselves is to first know about it. Second, is to let others know about it. And finally, is to outlaw private data mining and put a stop to such reprehensible behavior.

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