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Bush’s War On The Poor Continues

February 9, 2007

San Francisco’s alternative On-line Daily Beyond Chron has an article that covers the proposed Bushtard budget cuts for housing Assistance to the poor and the elderly. It isn’t surprising that the Conservatard in Chief wants to increase military spending by 11% and decimate housing assistance for those that don’t have billionaire parents.

Class Warfare thru the National Budget

Bush Declares War on Homeless, Low-Income Tenants

Blunted thus far in his efforts to expand America’s war to Iran, President Bush has found a target closer to home: America’s homeless and low-income tenants. The Bush budget plan for fiscal year 2008 announced on February 6 slashes key low-income housing programs, while increasing America’s mammoth defense budget by 11%—an increase that does not include funding for the Iraq war. It will again be up to Congress to not only stop the cuts, but to achieve the long overdue budget increases necessary to stop the worsening of the nation’s homeless and housing crisis.

While the Bush Administration sends public relations staff like Phil Mangano around the country touting plans to end chronic homelessness, the President continues efforts to cut housing programs for the poor. The new Bush budget plan would reduce the vital Project Based Rental Assistance Program, which currently funds about 1.2 million project based subsidies, by $163 million. Public Housing funding would be cut by nearly $400 million.

Bush’s budget even cuts housing for the elderly (Section 202) by $160 million, and housing for people with Disabilities (Section 811) by $112 million. Housing
Opportunities for People With AIDS (HOPWA) would rise by $14 million, an amount barely sufficient to fund this unmet need in California.

And the man who ran in 2000 as a “compassionate conservative” proposes to cut funding for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, Health Care for the Homeless, and Grants for the Benefit of Homeless Individuals/Treatment for Homeless.

by Randy Shaw‚ Feb. 07‚ 2007

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