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King George’s America: A Vision Of A Brave New American World.

January 28, 2007

In a frightening example of how many problems have been ignored by the Bushtard administration, a new Shanty Town has formed in Miami. MSNBC has an article called Homeless, but not without a home, in Miami which covers this town of homeless people that have gathered together in a vacant lot in Miami.King George’s New America

MIAMI – In the shadows of gleaming million-dollar condos, some 5,000 homeless people live in Miami.

And since October, some live here homeless, but not without four walls.

It started as a few tents, then, a protest of not enough affordable housing. Now, 44 people live here, and there’s a waiting list.

“People know you’re homeless, they won’t give you a place to live,” says resident John Baker. “You’re looking at somebody like, I got $600 in my hand, your monthly rent is only $450, and I just want to get out of the rain. It makes you mad on one level, but on the other level you’re just like, all right.”

Half the people here have full-time jobs. Still, finding a decent place to live is difficult.

“It’s so expensive,” says one woman. “That’s the problem.”

But as the village grew, the city tried to shut it down. Until Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones, who represents this area, paid a visit. She changed her mind, started trash collection, found some people jobs and found 13 people permanent housing.

“We have a three-bedroom unit that’s boarded up. Why is it boarded up?” Spence-Jones asks. “Let’s rehab it and get the family in there!”

Now the city is working on getting them a mailbox. But homeless advocate Max Rameau worries it’s not enough.

“There’s way too much gentrification and not enough low-income housing,” Rameau says — a housing crunch that many booming cities nationwide face.

By Michelle Kosinski, Correspondent, NBC News

With a known 300 Billion dollars spent on the illegal Iraqi War, and and estimated 1.2 trillion dollars of economic cost to the US economy, homless shanty towns are not suprising at all. The Bushtard cabal could care less about the poor of this or any other country. Frankly Mr. C is surprised that the federal government hasn’t tried to send in federal troops to shut down the shanty town like the local Miami government attempted.

On the other hand, perhaps this is the Bushtard vision of the American future. From their actions you can tell that they want a small group of ultra wealthy individuals controlling and owning 99% of the wealth and the “law” of the land. Those individuals that are smart, yet compliant to the ultra rich, would be able to enjoy a small but weak middle class. The physically strongest and and most sociopaths would be able to get out of extreme poverty by being allowed to join the military and fight the global resource wars for the elite class. And finally the dregs of society, those preforming low skill labor, and service jobs would be able to enjoy the new American shanty towns.

According to King George, he speaks directly to God himself. However, it must be a different god than the one in the New Testament. Mr. C doesn’t remember Jesus telling his followers to start unprovoked wars against other countries. He doesn’t recall the part where it is the obligation of every true believer to ignore the poor and the sick. The parts where Jesus said to lie, cheat and steal from the masses in order to enrich a few must have been left out of the Bible. According to King George, God wants global and class warfare and for the rich to get richer.

No thanks George, you can keep your God, I’ll take the one written about in the Bible.

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  1. January 31, 2007 6:03 am

    This should not come as any surprise. LordGodKingDick’n’george has never given a rat’s rectum about anybody but his multi-millionaire cronies, with an occasional nod to “the base” — the mouth-breathin’, Bible-thumpin’, hooker-humpin’, sister-marryin’, rifle-rack-in-the-pickmup neocon wingnut idjits who so desperately want to return us to those glorious days of yesteryear (the 1860’s… or perhaps the 15th century), where blacks and women knew their place.

    Perhaps the only good thing to come out of 8 years of bush mismanagement is the possibility that the Rethuglican party will now be considered too toxic to ever vote them into office again.



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