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The Bushtards Are Raising the Stakes in Iraq, Congress Needs to Call Their Bluff

January 9, 2007

As anybody that has been following the news knows, president Bushtard and the Neo-Conservatards are planning to surge Iraq with 20,000 new troops. Instead of following the wishes of the American public by using diplomacy to help settle the mess that Iraq, president Bushtard is moving in exactly the opposite direction. It seems the conservatard in chief is more concerned with his “reputation” as a world class jerk than the safety and security of the nation that he is supposedly working for.Calling Bush’s Bluff!

As the “news” media and the newly elected democratic congress debate whether to fund the “surge” of additional troops into Iraq, nobody is pointing out the obvious. Nobody is pointing out the obvious fact that the entire Iraq debacle was illegal from the start. Few people will publicly state the truth that the war in Iraq is and was a war of aggression, created by power hungry multinational corporations in order to secure another country’s oil reserves. The mess that president Bustard and emperor Cheney have created in Iraq is entirely their fault. Some politicians can perhaps be excused because they were lied to by the president and their lapdog administrators, but frankly anybody with half of a brain could see thru the thinly veiled lies that the administration used to invade Iraq.

Now that the conservatard in chief has been politically backed into a corner of his own choosing, he is betting the ranch on escalation instead of negotiation. Logic has never been Bush’s nor the administration’s strong point. So now that Bush is raising the stakes, despite the fact that he is holding a bad hand, what is America to do?

Well for Mr. Conservatard to answer this he has to eat a little crow and change his opinion. A while ago Mr C. wrote an opinion that it was a waste of time to Impeach Bush. Mr. C. said that just after the November 7th, 2006 elections. At the time Mr. C. was thinking that president Bush would be somewhat smart and try to implement some of the Baker/ Hamilton Iraq war study findings. Well it seems that the president is indeed a dyed in the wool conservatard and doesn’t know a good thing when it smacks him in the face. Perhaps the conservatard in chief resents his old man sending in family clean up man, Baker, and is too stupid and stubborn to change. What ever his ill thought out reasons are, the American public is f*&%ed!

Now is the time to impeach both Bush and the real president Dick “Deadeye” Cheney. It makes no sense to impeach Bush alone. The Democrats have the right ideal in that they are going to pick apart any money that the administration will need for the troop “surge” but that is not enough. Now is the time to start massive oversight hearings, congressional investigations into the lies that the administration told to congress, the United Nations and the world in general. The time is ripe for investigations into war contractors like HB, KBR and the rest of the war profiteer scum that have grown fat from off the fears of America.

As these investigations are going on the only way to really call the administration’s bluff is to push for all out impeachment and criminal prosecution. If we, the American public are lucky, the president may have to back down and behave like man for once in his life.

But most likely the conservatard in chief will beat the drum of fear and loathing once again and keep ruining the country just as he as been doing these last six odd years.

During the investigation and impeachment proceedings, the Democrats will need to keep a stone cold game face on. The main stream (corporate) media and the conservatard propaganda mill (a.k.a. Fox News Network) will escalate their non stop attack on the Democratic Party. They will label the Democrats as terrorists, un-American, and unsympathetic to the troops. The only advice Mr. C. can give for that is to fight lies with the truth and remember to frame the facts so that the average Joe can relate.

With a lot of luck and hard work, we may just be able start tuning the tide. If we can shove the conservatard off the pot we may be able start cleaning up the mess that the administration has made in Iraq. If, just if, we are really lucky and the American public may be able to win the hand. Who knows, Americans may even learn to actually think before they vote, and never let the conservatards ruin this great nation again. Anything is possible, except people thinking before they vote; even Mr. C. is not that stupid. 😉

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