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Scarborough Country – Is Bush Dilusional?

December 21, 2006

Scarborough Country, which is the show hosted by former Republican Joe Scarborough shows on MSNBC right after Countdown with Keith Olberman. On Wednesday, Joe wen’t all out bashing Bush’s latest “strategy” of increasing the ground troops in Iraq. Criticizing Bush is nothing new even to MSNBC, but what makes this interesting is that Scarborough is a Republican that has historically supported Bush and the Iraq occupation.

Nothing in the discussion is really new to politically informed readers. You may even say that some of the comments like “the presidents actions are boarding on criminal” are rather naive. However, Mr. Conservatard views it like this. The last defenders of this criminal administration are finally starting to wake up and smell the coffee, so to speak. It is refreshing to see the main stream “corporate” media start to emerge from the fog of self deception.

Who knows if the discussion on Scarborough Country will make a bit of difference? However, with the word “impeachment” being repeated several times during the segment is a good sign. If more news shows start objective analysis of the Bush regeims actions and bring up the subject of impeachment, the option of impeachment may begin start registering with the American public. Perhaps even the Foxtard News channel viewers may even start thinking for themselves.

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