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Chicago Tribune on Bushtard Adminstration Attemp to Squash Leaks

December 18, 2006

In the Chicago Tribune editorial section today an Op-Ed piece called “A Dangerous Attack On Leaks” points out the perils of the latest Bushtard attempt to keep its dirty little secrets out of the public eye. The article sheds some light on additional points that Mr. Conservatard didn’t think to point out about the futility of the Bushtard’s department of “justice” attempt to subpoena the ACLU for the leaked documents.dubya-oil.jpg

This is an odd use of a grand jury subpoena, which is customarily intended to gather information, not censor it. In fact, the ACLU says it can find no other occasion when a grand jury subpoena demanded the surrender of all copies of a document.

The government has ample means to prevent leaks of classified information. But it’s settled law that, once leaks occur, the government may not censor publication of such material, barring some serious threat to national security.

The purpose of the subpoena is clear: to permit the federal government to suppress information about matters of potential public interest, even if it would cause no harm. This new tactic would effectively allow the government to engage in prior restraint by blocking publication of such material–something starkly at odds with the 1st Amendment. That would be a radical departure from practice, an infringement on press freedom and a serious loss to public understanding of how the government operates.

…The chances are good that the ACLU will prevail in the end. Prior restraints are the essence of what the framers meant to banish when they wrote the 1st Amendment. The Supreme Court emphasized in the 1971 Pentagon Papers case that the government may bar publication of secrets only when “disclosure of any of them will surely result in direct, immediate and irreparable damage to our nation or its people.”

If the government can demonstrate that such a risk exists in this case, it should do so. Otherwise, it should back off.

Chicago Tribune: December 17th, 2006

Mr. Conservatard agrees with most of the editorial points. However, it seems that most main stream journalists don’t realize that the current Bushtard / Darth-Cheny administration could give a rats fanny about the constitution, the bill of rights or democracy. The current regime has done everything in its powers to use and abuse the rights of most Americans. The use of a subpoena is only the latest in their bag of tricks to try to bully and squash the truth about the daily activities of their outlaw administration. If they could get away with it, Mr. C. is sure they would use much stronger tactics against any organization or person that would dare to point out their evil ways.

Let us hope that the editors of the Tribune are correct in the fact that the current executive regime will be shot down in court . Otherwise the main stream press may just find their new found “balls” for reporting on actual events handed back to them wrapped up in an arrest warrant.

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  1. John Paul permalink
    December 28, 2006 10:05 pm

    By now you know the administration backed down on this one. Point goes to ACLU. The paper was declassified and even allowed to be published. Thanks for keeping the faith.

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