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Everything The Bushtards Do is “Top Secret”, or So They Think.

December 15, 2006

The NY Times today printed an article called U.S. Subpoena Is Seen as Bid to Stop Leaks. According to the article the Bustard’s department of “Justice” issued a subpoena to the ACLU to return a leaked government document from 2005. The document in question, say the Bushtards is “Top Secret”, and is related to national security. The ACLU counters that it is nothing of the sort and at worst would be “mildly embarrassing” to the administration.


Top Secret or Pop Secret?

Federal prosecutors are trying to force the American Civil Liberties Union to turn over copies of a classified document it received from a source, using what legal experts called a new extension of the Bush administration’s efforts to protect national-security secrets.

The novelty in the government’s approach is in its broad use of a grand jury subpoena, which is typically a way to gather evidence, rather than to confiscate all traces of it. But the subpoena issued to the A.C.L.U. seeks “any and all copies” of a document e-mailed to it unsolicited in October, indicating that the government also wants to prevent further dissemination of the information in the document.

The subpoena, however, raised the possibility that the government had found a new tool to stop the dissemination of secrets, one that could avoid the all but absolute constitutional prohibition on prior restraints on publication.

The disputed document, according to the A.C.L.U., is three-and-a-half pages long and unremarkable, and its disclosure would be only mildly embarrassing to the government. It added that the document “has nothing to do with national defense.”

…The Espionage Act makes it a crime for people who have unauthorized possession of some kinds of national security information to receive, retain, disseminate or refuse to turn it over to the government when asked. But A.C.L.U. lawyers say the document does not meet the statute’s definition and that, in any event, a subpoena is an improper way to enforce the law.

In its filing, the A.C.L.U. also argues that the government is misusing the grand jury that issued the subpoena.


December 14, 2006, The New York Times.




Well isn’t it special that the Bushtard administration is looking out to protect our “national security”. And isn’t even more special that everything the Bushtard administration seems to do is “top secret” and an issue of “national security”. Come on now, if the document in question was really a matter of national security, of vital interest to protecting our nation or even really embarrassing don’t you think that the ACLU would have made it public by now?

In another day and age Mr. Conservatard would probably agree that “secret documents” that relate to national security shouldn’t be leaked to the public. Unfortunately, because of the last six years of the Bushtard lies, deceptions and abuse of power, it’s hard to even consider that they are telling the truth about the contents of the document. Due to the Bushtards unconstitutional actions regarding prisoner torture, detention and denial of a due process to anyone who is even suspected of being a terrorist, how can anybody think that this time the government is telling the truth?


The ACLU has been one of the few groups to actually take a stance against the blatant illegal activities of the Bushtard administration. They were the first ones to sue the government over illegal NSA domestic wiretapping of US citizens. Mr. Conservatard might not agree with everything that the ACLU has done in its history, but this time he’s with the ACLU. He realizes that his two cents have absolutely nothing to do with how the federal judge will decide on this case. However if the public in general takes notice and speaks up to support the ACLU, perhaps the good guys will win this time.

Perhaps, but not likely.

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