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Impeach Bush! Probably Not.

November 13, 2006

Now that the Democrats are set to take over the House and Senate this January a lot of people are saying Impeach Bush! Well that’s sounds nice however; impeachment is probably not the best course. Nancy Pelosi is correct in her assessment of impeachment, that “It is a waste of time”.Impeachemt a Wast of Time?


In a posting entitled “Impeachment? No Effin’ Way”, the liberal blogger ,who is slightly left of Marx , 618 sums up the possible results of any impeachment proceedings in a clear and well thought out manner.

Now, I am hardly a Constitutional scholar, nor am I an attorney, but it seems there are a few different ways a possible impeachment ploy could work out. None of them are really good, at least from my point of view.

  1. Bush is impeached, tried, and removed from office. This leaves Cheney as president (someone shoot me). As we saw with the Nixon administration, the new president gets to name a new vice president. Cheney would probably nominate someone even worse than he is. We (as in the American people) lose.
  2. We impeach Cheney first; he’s tried and removed. Bush gets to name Cheney’s replacement. W would probably pardon Cheney (the way Ford pardoned Nixon) then re-nominate him. Otherwise, Bush would name some other moron — like Santorum. We lose.
  3. We impeach Bush and Cheney together. If they’re both removed from office, the presidency would land in Pelosi’s lap.

This would be a win, except for one thing: I think a lot of people — maybe even a majority — would view it as a power grab by Democrats. It would be a safe bet that some Republicans who might vote to convict Bush and Cheney (Snowe, Collins, McCain come to mind) if there were a Republican Speaker, would not do so with a Democratic Speaker. So we go through all the aggravation of impeachment and a trial, and come out with… nothing. All we would have done is make both of them martyrs. Kinda like the way the Republicans made a martyr out of Bill Clinton.

From now until January the Bushtards are going to be trying like gangbusters to push all the crap legislation that they can. Bush is pushing John Bolton to be confirmed as ambassador to the UN. The Bush administration is also trying to have the congress pass legislation that “legalizes” the unsupervised wiretapping activity of American citizens by the NSA. The list will no doubt be extensive.

Aside from the last minute bullshit legislation of the Bushtards the 110th congress really needs to nullify all of the nasty laws passed by the rubber stamp Republican congress of the last six years. Some but certainly not all of these laws would be the Military Detention act that allows the President to detain (imprison) and torture essentially anybody he feels like. Another law to repeal would be the law that allows the President to declare martial law and gives control of all state National Guard divisions to the President. Another really good one that affects not only American citizens but ultimately all citizens of the earth are the “Clear Skies” acts that allow electric power plants to spew more pollution into the air than before the Bushtard coup. Not to mention Iraq and Afghanistan, the list is endless.

As you can see the 110th congress has a lot to do. The reversing of international relations alone will take generations to correct. Oversight of the Iraq occupation will take months just to get started, let alone any legal actions. The Bushtards knew what they were doing and finally the average American citizen figured it out, sort of. Let history, and hopefully law enforcement, decide what happens to the members of the Bush cabal. In the mean time, let congress attempt to restore America to some semblance of a free democracy once again.

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  1. November 13, 2006 1:24 pm

    I’m an old-school Republican: You do the crime, you do the time.

    If an investigation shows that crimes were committed — and Bush has admitted violating FISA dozens of times, to name just one example, so it will — then you follow the evidence where it leads.


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