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We Won! So What?

November 8, 2006

As the midterm election votes roll in it seems that the House is now controlled by the Democrats and the Senate if not won will at least be more of an even playing field.Reality Check! The hard work is in front of you! So after all the democrats, liberals and pundits are done slapping each other on the back hopefully the full scope of the situation will start to sink in. Hopefully the realization will begin to sink in that the real work has just begun. The realization that fixing the mess the conservatards have created over the last six years is going to be a monumental task.


I am sure that quite a few questions will be going thru every Americans head next week, and the Democrats better have answers. The questions will probably look like the following examples. Now that the Democrats have some power in the government, what are they going to do with it? What is the best way to fix the mess of Iraq? What are the Democrats plans to help the economy? What are the Democrats plans to reverse six years of the Bush regime’s attack on the Constitution? How are they going to reverse the ecologically devastating policies of the Bushtard/Big Oil cabal?


None of these questions have simple answers. If the Democrats are smart they will be open with the American public about the complexity of the problems and that any solution will not be perfect. The conservatards have spent a lot of time and money to fool the American public into allowing them to use the military as a tool. A tool called “The War on Terror” that was in reality a tool to help the conservatards advance their neo-conservative imperialistic agenda. You can take it to the bank that the conservatards and their masters will not easily put the crack pipe of power and money down without a fight.


The Iraq fiasco will not go away overnight and you know that the Republicans will pin all the blame from now on the Democrats. To demonstrate this point you only have to look at today’s news. Bush wasted no time in using his ready made
Iraq war patsy by removing Donny Rumsfeld as the Secretary of Defense. Of course Bush is more than happy to replace Rummy with his new and improved Iraq patsy named Robert Gates, who is a “close family friend to the Bush family”.



Dropping Rummy also serves another purpose for the Bushtards. With Bush removing Rumsfeld active role as the Secretary of Defense, it will take longer to for any new oversight comities to uncover all the illegal activity that has been going on for the last six years. If congress approves Robert Gates as the new Secretary of Defense, anything that goes wrong by withdrawing troops from Iraq will be blamed on the “terrorist sympathizing” Democrats.



Celebrate the good times today Democrats, you have won a hard earned victory. Tomorrow, you better start working fast and hard. You better watch your backs because the conservatards might look like they are licked, but they will be the first ones to stick a knife in your back whenever you slip.


Another word of caution is to not forget why the American public elected you. Most people elected you for three reasons, Iraq, Iraq, and
Take heart Democrats, your more enlightened supporters elected you not only for Iraq but to correct much more. To correct things like the abuse of our constitutionally guaranteed personal freedoms, unfair trade practices, tax breaks to the ultra rich, torture, invasion of privacy, and the list goes on.


If you want to keep you jobs do not fall into the same trap the conservatard did. The traps include but are not limited to supporting K Street over Main Street, lying to the American public, and stealing from the poor and give it all to the rich. If you want to continue to represent us you better remember who you work for. For now you can cheer and say “We Won”! But in six months if you don’t do your job, the American public will be saying “So what? Kick the bums out”!

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  1. November 10, 2006 8:13 pm

    We all knew that “Rummy” would be gone after elections. There were too many drumbeats from odd sources. The replacement is no better. And now he has to go through the legislature for approval. In the meantime Iraq goes on. I’m assuming that there will soon be a big announcement about change of tactic in Iraq. That should be interesting.
    Let’s hope Nancy and other Dems can walk their talk.
    All in all, a good summary of the general situation.

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