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Bush Closing the Door on All Accountability in Iraq.

November 3, 2006

Nobody will Know the Truth!In an obvious attempt to take away all accountability of fraud and waste, George W. Bush signed a bill two weeks ago to close the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, by October 2007. The provision was slipped in at the very last moment by Republican side of the House Armed Services Committee. It was so last minute that even some Republicans were surprised.


In an article by the New York Times called Congress Tells Auditor in Iraq to Close Office, covers the torrid details of the Republicans and the Bushtard administration actions to remove all accountability and oversight of the entire Iraq fiasco.



Susan Collins, a Maine Republican who followed the bill closely as chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, says that she still does not know how the provision made its way into what is called the conference report, which reconciles differences between House and Senate versions of a bill.Neither the House nor the Senate version contained such a termination clause before the conference, all involved agree.


“It’s truly a mystery to me,” Ms. Collins said. “I looked at what I thought was the final version of the conference report and that provision was not in at that time.”The one thing I can confirm is that this was a last-minute insertion,” she said.

…But like several other members of the House and Senate who were contacted on the bill, Ms. Collins said that she feared the loss of oversight that could occur if the inspector general’s office went out of business, adding that she was already working on legislation with several Democratic and Republican senators to reverse the termination.

JAMES GLANZ, New York Times, November 3, 2006

Wow, a last-minute bill insertion by Republicans, what a surprise. If Mr. Conservatard was a skeptical type of person he would start to question the real motivations of the Republicans to close down the Iraqi auditing office.


Could it be that they don’t want the general public to know that well connected contractors are bilking the American tax payer with overcharges, waste, fraud and shoddy work? Or is it that Bushtard regime and their lap dog Republican congress are worried about being exposed as incompetent, lazy, and corrupt by never exercising any oversight of the Iraq contractor free for all? Most likely the answers to both of these questions are yes.


If you still are not convinced that the Conservatards that are running our government are not crooks, frauds, hypocrites and liars then Mr. Conservatard suggests that you wake up and listen to the money. Listen to the sound of your tax dollars being flushed down the sewer and flowing into the pockets of the corrupt corporations that helped put the crooks that are called the GOP into power.


If you are convinced, now is time to act. Find out where you need to vote and exercise your constitutional right. Vote these crooks and liars out of office and hopefully someday into jail. By voting these fools out of office, you will remind them and all Americans what Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that all “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

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