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You Know the GOP Ship is going down When the Neoconservatard Rats Jump Ship!

November 1, 2006

With the midterm elections less that a week away the GOP is scrambling to stay afloat. You can tell the republicans are getting desperate with their distorted hate advertisements and gloating about Kerry’s botched joke. What Mr. Conservatard finds even more telling of Republican desperation, other than poll numbers, is when a leading Neoconservatard like Richard Perle starts to criticize the administration.rats_leaving_ship1.jpg

In an article on the Washing Post website called An Administration Ally Goes Off-Message, Richard Perle made some very critical comments about the United States ability to detect nuclear material being shipped into the US.

“Knowing that there are people who wish to do that,” Perle said, “knowing they are seeking weapons of mass destruction, you would think that we would have put in place a system or at least be working assiduously in the development of a system that would allow us to detect nuclear material entering the New York Harbor or Boston Harbor or what have you.

…”I think we have an administration today that is dysfunctional,” Perle said. “And if it can’t get itself together to organize a serious program for finding nuclear material on its way to the United States, then it ought to be replaced by an administration that can.”

…But President Bush, Perle emphasized, is not to blame for this sorry state of affairs. “I haven’t the slightest doubt that if one could . . . put this proposition to the president, he would first be shocked to learn that we don’t have the capability. Secondly, [he] would immediately order that we develop it.”

By Al Kamen

Wednesday, November 1, 2006; Page A19 of the Washington Post.

Wow Rich, you nailed the nuclear nail right on the head. Since 9/11 the president’s administration hasn’t spent nearly enough money or resources trying to secure the homeland. Instead it has spent over $330,000,000,000 fighting an unwarranted and illegal war in Iraq.

The fact that Bush himself doesn’t know about our deficiency in detecting nuclear material is even more amazing. How couldn’t he know about it? He is after all the President of the United States of America. Bush himself hand picked the head of the Department of Homeland Security. If you say that the administration wasn’t warned about a possibility like this then you would be wrong.

None of what Mr. Pearle said should be a shocker to anybody. All that one has to do is to look at the grades that the former members of the 9/11 commission give the government for implementing their 41 recommended steps.

What Mr. C. gathers from Pearle’s statement is that he is distancing himself from those in power. He sees the waters of American public’s discontent filling the hull of the conservatards ship. Like any animal that senses danger before humans, Perle is making a move to survive. Like the fat neoconservative war rat that he is, Perle is jumping off the sinking GOP ship and swimming for shore.

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  1. naturalhigh permalink
    November 1, 2006 4:56 pm

    I’ve noticed similar things- more inparty criticisms. I like your analogy of the rats jumping ship. Very appropriate.

    My favorite Bush administration bailer has been David Kuo, with his tell all about the Faith Based Initiative Office. I wrote a post on this, The Politics of Faith. You might find it interesting.

  2. the dissident formerly known as angrychowder permalink
    November 3, 2006 12:01 pm

    I’m thinking it should be pretty obvious that the current cabal isn’t concerned in the least with the terrorist situation; THERE IS NO TERRORIST SITUATION. There is no worldwide organization looking to establish an Islamist caliphate, there is no threat of nuclear weapons being smuggled into the U.S. 9/11, Osama, Iraq… it’s all in the big misdirection. The oil contracts are about to be signed, the fields are fortified, the embassy is on schedule… No one in the current (or any near-future) administration is interested in the least about the rabble amidst the common Muslim folk. Sunni, Shiite, Islamist, insurgent, terrorist, whatever- the oil has been secured. This Perle wad knows all this; what he has to say about anything else is bullshit filler. The rest of the conservatards are just setting the post-Bush stage.

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