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Henry Rollins, Keeping it real!

October 25, 2006

Mr. C. saw this video of Henry Rollins earlier today and feels that it is worth commenting on. Young Mr. Henry, in his usual laid back manner, gives his opinion on how the Glorious Bush regime is attempting to stifle freedom of speech by allowing the large Telco’s to restrict internet neutrality and monitory all online activity.

Editors Note: Keep the volume down or use headphones. Henry can sometimes be a little graphic in his choice of words. 😉

Mr Conservatard is outraged, nay appalled at the cheekiness of this rapscallion. How dare he say that net-neutrality is a good thing? Mr. Conservatard thinks that we have way too much freedom of speech in American Media. In fact being ranked 53rd in the world is not good enough for Mr. C. believes that we should be rated at 169th place for freedom of the press.

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