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Chipping Away at the Stone of Hard Working Americans

October 12, 2006

Mr. Conservatard may have been on vacation this week but the Conservatards have been very busy. With the Foley scandal making the headlines, the Koreans testing nukes, and the Republican poll numbers going down hill, Mr. C. has been just watching it all on the sidelines. It seems that public opinion is starting to finally turn on the Republicans. Even evangelical Christians are beginning to realize that the people that they have been voting for over the last two decades perhaps aren’t “Good Christians”.Carving Out the American Worker.

While the political bashing and name calling is reaching its pre-election crescendo, the conservatards are hard at work destroying the rights of the typical working American. In a decision late last month the National Labor Relations Board handed down a ruling on a case involving Michigan Nurses.

An editorial posted at the New Republic called Take This Job sheds some light on the real ramifications about this almost unheard of decision by the federal government.

National Labor Relations Board (nlrb), which sanctions government-supervised union elections and bars employer harassment. Denying certain workers these protections blocks them, in effect, from unionizing. And that is exactly what the nlrb–currently dominated by conservative Bush appointees–has done. For instance, the board has denied protection to certain temporary workers and subcontracted employees. Now the nlrb has handed business its biggest such victory yet: Earlier this month, it ruled that the nurses at a Michigan acute-care facility who set schedules for other nurses are not really employees but rather supervisors–which means they aren’t protected by the nlrb. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that the decision could prevent as many as eight million workers in similar roles from joining unions. That would certainly please business leaders. But it should make the rest of us uneasy.

… That undoubtedly warms the hearts of Republicans everywhere. Labor’s power may be on the wane, but unions are still the country’s most organized advocates for social and economic equality–and a key counterweight to the political influence of big business. As Bush ally Grover Norquist explained in 2004, “Every worker who doesn’t join the union is another worker who doesn’t pay $500 a year to organized labor’s political machine.” No wonder Bush’s NLRB appointees are so eager to strike blows against labor like the one they delivered this month. Think of it as the bureaucratic equivalent of being thrown down a flight of stairs.

By the Editors of the

Post date 10.12.06 | Issue date 10.23.06

The progressive media and to a lesser extent the mainstream media has lately been doing a good job about reporting the truth out about the ethical hypocrisy of the conservatards. Mr. C. thought that shedding a little light on conservatard’s lesser known domestic “War on Working Americans” is in order. This domestic war is certainly as important to the conservatards as the “War on Terror”. It fits nicely with their overall agenda of command control of the wealth of the world.

The question is who benefits from degrading the American work force? Who directly will make more money because of little know federal law changes that affect everyday American workers? The same people that contribute millions of dollars annually to the various GOP candidates, conservatard think tanks, political action comities and the GOP it’s self. If you want the names of these people all that you have to do is look at the daily business section of any newspaper.

America the free as we knew it is being stolen right from under our noses. If the foreign policies of the current administration upset you then the domestic ones should be making your blood boil. As a wage slave himself Mr. C. feels it in the pocket when conservatards start messing with his wages. And anybody reaching into Mr. C’s pocket gets a boot square in the butt.

We have a unique opportunity this November 7th kick the current thieves that we call our elected leaders square in the butox for stealing our money. An opportunity to begin regaining some of our hard earned money back and perhaps regain some if not all of the rights that we as Americans are supposedly guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States of America.

If you haven’t registered to vote, register. If you don’t plan on voting this November, vote anyway! And if you know somebody that is on the fence about who to vote for, encourage them to vote for those that represent individual freedoms. Not those that represent oppression, corruption and greed like the current thieves in power. Vote Democratic this fall and we can all give a collective kick in the ass to conservatard bastards know as the GOP.

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