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Conservatives Are Trying to Slip Out Their Own Trap

October 3, 2006

Most people know that the conservatives are neither “moral” nor represent the “majority” of the American public. It seems that the conservatives are much more concerned with their “image” than the welfare of children that they are supposed to protect. This should be testament enough to the real “values” of the conservative movement.Get Us Out of This Trap Boys!

It is no surprise that the conservatives are running around like rats caught in a trap by claiming amnesia , personal problems, and throwing blame anywhere they think it will stick. They are caught in a trap. A trap of their own making that they have been creating for the last 30 or more years. Now that the conservatives are aware of the danger that they are in, they are fighting like wild animals backed into a corner.

When you back an animal into a corner that is when they are the most dangerous. Right now the Republican leadership is at their most dangerous. If the conservatives think that they are trapped with no way out, they will do anything to get out of the trap. Despite the fact that the trap is of their own creation, the conservatives in power will strike out at anybody or anything that they perceive to be a threat.

With the “New Contract on Freedom” that the president will sign into law, anybody who has criticized conservatives has reason to worry. A good chunk of the American public may be taking up residence at the “Hotel KBR”.

The tiger’s stripes are being shown for all the public to see. If the conservatives are not exposed to the American public as the “moral” frauds that they truly are, then the freedoms that our forefathers have fought for may be lost. Now is the time for those that are lovers of peace and truth to keep up their guard. Now is the time to demand justice of our government and vote the conservatards out of office.

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  1. dissident formerly known as angrychowder permalink
    October 3, 2006 5:07 pm

    Sooner or later sheeple will have to realize the whole conservatard idealogy, by it’s very nature, is corrupt.

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