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Frontline: Private Warriors.

October 2, 2006

Think Mr. Conservatard was exaggerating about how Iraq is loaded with private mercenaries? Well he is not. A Frontline special on PBS called Private Warriors has in-depth coverage of the private sector role in Iraq and the millions that contractors are making.

war for sale

As the Army struggles to meet recruitment numbers, FRONTLINE takes a hard look at private contractors servicing U.S. military supply lines, running U.S. military bases, and protecting U.S. diplomats and generals. Between the logistics giant Halliburton and a myriad of armed security companies, private military contractors comprise the second largest “force” in Iraq, far outnumbering all non-U.S. forces combined. There are as many as 100,000 civilian contractors and approximately 20,000 private security forces.

In “Private Warriors,” FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith travels throughout Kuwait and Iraq to give viewers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at companies like Kellogg, Brown & Root, a Halliburton subsidiary, and its civilian army. KBR has 50,000 employees in Iraq and Kuwait that run U.S. military supply lines and operate U.S. military bases. KBR is also the largest contractor in Iraq, providing the Army with $11.84 billion dollars in services since 2002.

This is must see TV in Mr. Conservatard’s book. If you care about what is really going on in Iraq. If you care about our solders that are deployed in Iraq then you really need to watch this program. Just remember with a price tag of around $330,000,000,000 and counting and almost all of it from loans from China and Saudi Arabia, the price aside from the human tragedy will be something that our grandchildren will still be paying for.

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