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Keith Olbermann: Probably the only honest journalist on TV today!

September 26, 2006

By now everyone has heard or seen the FoxTard news interview with former president Bill Clinton. Some in the “media” have criticized him saying that he “blew up”. Frankly they are wrong. President Clinton has sat on the side lines for six years now, watching the Bushtards flushing the nation down the toilet without once criticizing the monkey in chief.

Keith Olbermann tells it like it is in the following clip. He defends Bill Clinton’s actions and points out what liars, cheats and cowards the conservatards really are. Is Mr. Olbermann the only real journalist on TV today? Mr. Conservatard thinks that if he is not the only “real” journalist then he is at least one of the most honest.


With the American public starting to finally wake up and understand that Mr. Bushtard and his company of neoconservatard goons have been lying to and/or cheating the American public for six years now, what do the conservatards do? They attack Clinton via the propaganda ministry also know as “Fox news” like they did when Clinton was in office. They are probably thinking “heck it worked then, why not now?”Mr. Conservatard Salute!

However, as anybody who has ever been used and abused knows that sometimes enough is enough. I think that the FoxTard interview was just the final straw. Clinton probably thought to himself, “I’m not in office and not running for any public office, why not tell the truth”. For being brave, Mr. Conservatard gives former President Bill Clinton and Keith Olbermann “The Conservatard salute”. What that is exactly, Mr. C doesn’t have a clue, know but he will think of something.


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  1. Jill Gregg permalink
    September 26, 2006 2:33 pm

    Mr. Conservatard (edit) shows no signs of intelligence when he uses words like conservatards or Bushtard. He sounds like a three year child. Fox new’s is the only news station that doesn’t spin everything in their direction. They tell you how it is and not a bunch of garbage about why the Liberals are better. Really, to call a sitting president a monkey? Grow-up. You sound like you are throwing your own little tantrum. If you think that there are more people supporting President Clinton right now, you are living in a fantasy world. Reality is, he screwed up, made a mistake, admitted it, but that still leaves the fact that Bin-Laden is still alive, and he had 8 years to fix it. Bush also failed during his first 9 months of office. Needless to say, the world mainly blames President Clinton for being a coward. President Clinton doesn’t want his legacy tarnished in anyway, but you can’t lie about facts, and he still will not admit it. No respect for the man that will continue to lie.

  2. the dissident formerly known as angrychowder permalink
    September 27, 2006 2:27 pm

    Jill sounds like she’s not quite an adult yet, so I have to be nice and not mention the Freudian implications of females who hate Bill Clinton. Plus, girls rule.
    What’s really sad is the fact that any woman can support the current conservatard idealogy. Kind of like Snoop Dogg speaking for the KKK.
    First, I don’t think Osama was a major pain in the ass until around 1998. Remember 1998? That was when Clinton really started to focus on the guy and ran into a gaggle-fuck of conservatards obssessing about his “little Willie”. Bin-Laden was a misdirection, right? We had an impeachment of a commie liberal to tend to, dammit.
    Second, her rant was textbook “My team is better than your team!” Never mind her team is run by criminals (Google Iran-Contra; there’s no excuse for ignorance when you have an internet connection), Zionists (geez, they’re everywhere) and oil pimps (hmm… why Iraq indeed).
    Bin-Laden’s fatwa in ’98 called for the removal of occupation armies from the land of the two holy places. After invading Iraq, Chimpy pulled troops out of Saudi Arabia. Now that’s appeasement. Osama also wanted Muslims worldwide to aid the fight against America and the West. After invading Iraq… well, I’ll just reference the leaked NIE.
    Bush/Bin-Laden. The relationship goes back 30 years, and they’re still using each other. There’s no excuse for ignorance. Unless you’re a conservatardette, that is.

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