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We can all sleep well at night knowing that the US is protected by mercenaries.

September 20, 2006

This following article called Pentagon Spends Billions to Outsource Torture on AlterNet from September 7th, 2006 brings to light how much money our intelligence and military actually spend on outside contractors. In fact the reason the US military used outside contractors in Iraq for “interrogation” of prisoners is so that the military and other government officials would not be held liable for war crimes.Mercs Wanted!


Osama Bin Laden’s greatest victories in the crucial media war have been the series of prisoner abuse scandals at Guantanamo Bay, Bagram airbase in Afghanistan and a number of detention centers across Iraq, the most infamous of which is Saddam Hussein’s former torture complex at Abu Ghraib.

According to a report by Corpwatch, what ties these facilities together are the abundance of private contractors involved in their operations. The Taguba Report (PDF) named four private contractors in the Abu Ghraib scandal. Steven Stephanowicz, an investigator for CACI, a multinational with extensive government contracts (92 percent of which are in defense), encouraged MPs under his command to terrorize inmates, and “clearly knew his instructions equated to physical abuse.” …

…According to Amnesty, half of the interrogators at Abu Ghraib were private contractors — about 30 in all. Torin Nelson was a military intelligence officer at Gitmo before becoming a CACI interrogator at Abu Ghraib. After the scandal broke, Nelson resigned and charged the military with scapegoating a handful of low-level soldiers — the only people who have been brought to trial for the abuses — to “divert attention away from ingrained problems in the military detention and interrogation system.” He said: “The problem with outsourcing intelligence work is the limit of oversight and control by the military administrators over the independent contractors.” …

…John Gannon, a former CIA deputy director for intelligence and now head of BAE Systems’ Global Analysis Group, told journalist Sebastian Abbot that an intelligence contractor “is going to look at a government requirement, and it’s going to go and find people wherever it can and get the greatest number of people at the lowest price and maximizing the profit to the business to do it.” “When I was in government hiring people,” he continued, “I was looking for the best possible people I could get … [but] that is not what the private sector does.” Gannon warned that these companies “are not looking to be right or looking to ensure that they are getting access to the best information and expertise; they are looking to please a customer at the lowest common denominator.” It’s as clear a case of ideology and cronyism trumping common sense as one could find.

By Joshua Holland, AlterNet. Posted September 7, 2006.


It is good to know that the safety of our country from the “Global Terrorist Threat” has not been bid out to the lowest bidder. Oh no, they have not been bid out at all. Most of these “contracts” were dished out without a bidding process at all. In fact the only way that most of these companies got any work from the government is by hiring ex-government conservatards and paying lots of money to conservatard candidates and the RNC.


When your government is behaves like a shady corporation and is run by rejects from the corporate world, it is hard to tell the difference between the tow. So if you think about it objectively who do you trust more? Shady corporate contractors or shady government organizations that are run by the Bushtards? Either way Mr. Conservatard sleeps much better at night knowing that the U.S.A. is protected by brave and true corporate mercenaries, war profiteers, and incompetent neo-conservative zealots.



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  1. Ali Eteraz permalink
    September 20, 2006 12:46 pm

    i totally randomly came upon this story. I am very interested in hearing more about these kind of things.

    I am at times a top 10 wordpress blogger. I maintain a quite popular progressive Muslim blog (altho we do a lot of politics). I have an interview that I will be pushlising that you will be very interested in (its about mercenaries/corporations) in Iraq.

    If you add me to your blogroll I will extend the same courtesy. I am also interested in having my center-left readers get a more progressive view.

    If you add me, please leave a msg here and I will add you back

    take care

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