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Will the Democrats stab “The War on Terror” in the back if they win this fall? Look at New Orleans for you answer.

September 17, 2006

Mr. Conservatard was in a debate this weekend with a family relation. He was claiming that if the Democrats take control of the House this fall they will screw up the “War on Terror” by stabbing all the intelligence and security forces in the back. Unfortunately he had to go so I wasn’t able to ask him exactly what he thought the Democrats will do to “stab” our forces in the back.Will the Dems Stab the War On Terror in the back?

Then it occurred to Mr. Conservatard, the Republicans might like to make war and spend billions of American tax payer dollars doing it. The Republicans won’t stab the military in the back too much. However, they will and do stab the average American family in the back every day.

How do the conservatards stab us in the back? Well one of the most glaring and obvious example is from the Department of Homeland Security, which FEMA was merged into. Imagine this, if hurricane Katrina was a major terrorist attack instead of a natural disaster, would the government have been able to really help the citizens of New Orleans any better than they have? Somehow I don’t think so.

Reading an article this evening called HURRICANE EXPERT THREATENED FOR PRE-KATRINA WARNINGS I see that Mr. Greg Palast has been doing some investigating about the Katrina issue. Specifically he as been trying to review the evacuation plans that the Department of Homeland Security had for New Orleans. Want to know what their plan was? The residents of New Orleans should just drive out of the city. On the surface it sounds like a good plan, except over 100,000 people in New Orleans don’t own cars!


IEM and FEMA did begin a draft of a plan. The plan was that, when a hurricane hit, everyone in the Crescent City would simply get the hell out in their cars. Apparently, the IEM/FEMA crew didn’t know that 127,000 people in the city didn’t have cars. But Dr. van Heerden knew that. It was his calculation. LSU knew where these no-car people were — they mapped it — and how to get them out.

Dr. van Heerden offered this life-saving info to FEMA. They wouldn’t touch it. Then, a state official told him to shut up, back off or there would be consequences for van Heerden’s position. This official now works for IEM.

So I asked him what happened as a result of making no plans for those without wheels, a lot of them elderly and most of them poor.

“Fifteen-hundred of them drowned. That’s the bottom line.” The professor, who’d been talking to me in technicalities, changed to a somber tone. “They’re still finding corpses.”


A Greg Palast special investigation for Democracy Now!
Monday, August 28. From New Orleans.


So let me ask you another question. If the tyrants associated with Bush Co. don’t really give a rat’s fanny about New Orleans. A city that is near most of the natural gas and oil pipelines that flow to the rest of the country, then what city would they protect? What city could they protect? The answer sadly is none.

You might want to remember the people of New Orleans when you go out this November and vote. You might want to remember that New Orleans is basically still a giant trash pit with no electricity, running water or working sewer systems in most of the city. You might want to remember that most of the relief money that the federal government spent was to no bid contracts with Bechtel, the Shaw Group, Halliburton-KBR, Blackwater and DynCorp.

When you go out and place that check next to the name of the corrupt conservatard incumbent that you are about to vote for. The incumbent you support because he voted to prevent people from burning flags and to keep boys from kissing boys. Just take a second to think about how good of a job that conservatard did pushing a knife into the backs of the residents of New Orleans. Just think about how little money that he authorized to been spent on “protecting the homeland” compared to the “War on Terror”.

So if you think that they Democrats will “stab the war on terror” in the back and give all the national defense money to organic soybean farmers and welfare recipients, then vote for your conservatard incumbent. If what you call “protection” is what the conservatards in control have been doing so far, then let us all pray that we never need their type of “protection” in the future.


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