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If you have one bad apple, sometimes you have to throw out the whole barrel.

September 15, 2006

Mr. Conservatard has been thinking about the Rumsfeld problem for a while. With the Democrats asking for his resignation, a few problematic questions keep ratteling around in my head.

If you get rid of Rumsfeld, who the hell is Bush going to put in his place? Even if Bush puts a competent person in place of Rumsfeld, it won’t change a thing with our occupation of Iraq. The bush administration is made up of more than just one neo-conservatard; the whole lot of them are rotten. The only way to get our country back to a reasonable path is to throw out the entire barrel of rotten apples. Toss out the whole barrel.

Fortunately a guest contributor at has a reasonable solution. I highly recommend that you read his article called “The Rumsfeld Dilemma: Demand an Exit Strategy, Not a Facelift by Bruce Budner, who is the Executive Director of The Rockridge Institute. Mr Budner outlines why it is a bad ideal to focus exclusively on Rumsfeld alone. He suggests that it would be more productive for the Democrats to label the war in Iraq to an occupation and to demand an exit strategy from the president.

Two fundamental problems exist with these resolutions:

1) In large part, they focus on logistical issues such as body armor, troop levels, post-war planning, and the like, or even on the horror of Abu Ghraib, rather than the bigger issue of the disastrous war and occupation into which Bush misled the nation.

2) By pointing the finger at Rumsfeld, they deflect blame from Bush’s neo-conservative agenda. It is that agenda that drew the nation to Iraq, that has distracted from a smarter struggle against terrorists and terrorism, that has resulted in the erosion of our civil liberties, that has incurred the wrath of the international community.

… We offer an alternative. Present a resolution, the preamble of which clearly describes our current presence in
Iraq as an occupation. Demand that Bush submit to Congress within 60 days a clear and detailed plan to conclude the occupation.

Bruce Budner, Executive Director, the Rockridge Institute

Mr. Conservatard agrees that it is more important to focus on the problem, not just a single neo-conservatard. The Democrats need to force the Bushtards to get the hell out of
Iraq. Next would be to try like to get the dictator in chief impeached. If impeachment is achievable, next would be trial in court for treason, and eventually imprisonment.

Of course this is all just hypothetical. It probably never will happen. The Bush Co. has already rigged two previous elections with the cooperation of Diebold and Choicepoint. This Novembers is probably already in the bag. The Conservatard propaganda machine is already in full swing bashing Fear into the skulls of anybody stupid enough to believe them. November is just another bump in the “Path to Tyranny”.

The only peaceful solution that I can see is to get off the couch and vote these jokers out of office. Even if conservatards steal the election, make them really steal the election. Make it obvious that they are stealing the government and are not really wanted by the American public. Make it obvious that the American people are not afraid of terrorists, boogey men, or even our own government. Support real Democracy by voting for real Americans this November.


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