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Sometimes an outside observer helps with a difficult situation

September 10, 2006

Mr. Conservatard just got thru reading an interesting article from Scotland On Sunday. The title of the article is called Five years from Ground Zero unity, lies in ruinsby Alex Massie.Twin Towers of Light Memorial

It’s a little bit of a read but well worth the time. Mr. Massie goes over how 9/11 was at first handled fairly well by Mr. Bush. However, over the last 5 years he covers how the Conservatards basically used 9/11 and the War on Terrorism as a wedge issue. He states that 9/11 had been used to not only to divide Republicans from Democrats, but to essentially isolate America from Europe and the rest of the world.


In the days and weeks that followed, the president’s approval ratings soared to 89%. America craved leadership and it looked as though Bush, previously so untested, was capable of rising to the challenge.

The years since then have been a major disappointment. There was only a fleeting sense of unity. No politician could have sustained such stratospheric ratings, nor was it surprising that serious arguments should emerge in as crowded, noisy and disputatious a society as America. But still, the extent to which those brief moments of unity have disappeared has been more than just a matter for regret. It has gravely compromised America’s ability to win the war that was thrust upon it five years ago.

This is, in part, the consequence of the administration’s preference for politicizing the war on terror. The Bush administration conflated the genuinely anti-American arguments of leftists such as Michael Moore with the more nuanced concerns of mainstream Democrats to tar any questioning of Bush’s policies as unpatriotic. That produced victories in the 2002 mid-term elections and helped win Bush a second run in the Oval Office. But the price was high, shutting Democrats out of the conversation and bitterly dividing the nation. Today, largely as a consequence of his own decisions, no more than one-in-three Americans approves of Bush’s job performance.


Five years from Ground Zero unity, lies in ruinsby Alex Massie.

Even thought Mr. Conservatard might not agree with every single statement by Mr. Massie. I agree whole heartedly that 9/11 should not be used an issue of division. Sometimes it is helpful to have an outside perspective to help set things strait when you are right in the middle of a crazy situation.

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