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The Power of Nightmares: The Shadows In The Cave. Part 3 of 3.

September 9, 2006

Mr. Conservatard has been busy and almost forgot to post part three of this series.binladen_cave203.jpg


It is a well made documentary and to some who have not been keeping up with the shenanigans of the modern conservative party have been surprised and shocked. Even though this documentary is not a high priced production it is dead on accurate and backs up its claims with interviews from both politicians, neo-conservatives, Afghanistan rebels, and other experts on politics and terrorism.

Some people who have watched the series have said that some of the claims are a bit far fetched. The only advices that I can give to people who say this is don’t take the produces or my word for it. Research and check the facts.

If you have an internet connection, a library card, or a subscription to a newspaper then you can research these things. Between internet access and your local library you should be able to look into the history of the Neo-Conservatives and Islamist parties. While you are at it, look into political actions of the
US before 9/11 and after. You may be surprised what you find.

Getting back to the TV series, here is the third and final part of “The Power of Nightmares, The Rise and fall of the Politics of Fear. If you have patience and a lot of bandwidth you can download the DVD ISO image from the Internet Archive web page.

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