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My fingers are getting Tired!

August 25, 2006

My fingers are getting Tired!Mr. Conservatards fingers are getting weary of writing all the articles himself. So The Conservatard is issuing a call for papers, articles, rants and opinions. If you would like to contribute to The Conservatard please submit all papers to:

I reserve the right to edit and fact check any claims that people make. Please make sure that I have a return email address on your submission so that I can go over any edits, facts, etc.

I would like to also promote people to leave feedback and comments. It is good to discuss things and I am open to counter opinions, facts, and points of view.

One last thing to remember is that in order to keeps things from getting too emotional. I humbly ask that nobody lower themselves to things like excessive vulgarity, racism, and religious slandering. Obviously from the name of this blog I label extreme conservatives things like Conservatards or Neoconservatards. However, I try to avoid bashing things like their religion, physical characteristics, race, or using extreme profanity, etc.

Keep it fun, but also keep it civil.

I look forward to reading what the reader (s) have to think.

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