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It’s all about your favorite team.

August 25, 2006

The following is a first for The Conservatard. We are proud to present our first contributed article.

This rant is from the Dissident formerly known as “Angry Chowder”.

Okay, this is a rant, but I didn’t feel like starting work right now anyway. Sorry for no links, but if you Google any of this, you’ll get more than you really want to know.Conservatard Plan for the Middle East.

It’s all about your favorite team. It doesn’t matter what we Americans do, we are the “good” guys. The other side is gay, kills babies, is soft on terrorism and wants to give your tax dollars to brown people. It’s a powerful argument to the sheeple.

Today people only watch TV news, if they follow the news at all. One of the most popular channels is a conservatard propaganda machine. For mainstream media it’s not in the interests of the “bottom line” to tell the truth. Don’t believe me? Then you may want to research who runs the major media corporations in this country sometime.

All the mainstream media have played for the past month is how Israel has “retaliated” against Lebanon for Hezbollah kidnapping two Jewish soldiers. The mainstream media has failed to mention that the day before Israel snatched two Lebanese people. The mainstream media also failed to mention that in June 2006; more than 20 Lebanese were killed by Israeli rockets. This includes a family on a beach having a picnic.

You see, the Israelis and the Americans wanted Syria to get involved in conflict because they back Hezbollah. Why do Israel and America want Syria to be involved in armed conflict? The reason is that right now there is a plan for a pipeline from Iraqi Kurdistan through Syria to Israel’s Mediterranean coast. America and Israel can’t invade Syria unless they have an excuse. And a good excuse would be if Syria is at war with Israel. Since America supports Israel, America would have all the excuse it needs to go in and smack Syria around until they realize that the “American Way” is the only way.

The Conservatards in power today follow the philosophy of Leo Strauss. Strauss said in the 1950’s that the masses shouldn’t be left to their own devices. The cornerstones of his philosophy are that that society is too “liberal” and free and is decaying from within. His main points are people need to unite in a common belief (Judeo-Christianity, of course) or against a common enemy. This enemy at first was the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union collapsed Bill Clinton became the new enemy. After Bill Clinton was out of power, the new and current enemy became the Islamists. The neoconservatives also think that America has a duty to spread “civilization” to other repressed countries. However, it seems that Middle Eastern monarchies selling oil to America are exempt. Hmm……

It’s all about your favorite team. It doesn’t matter what we Americans do, we are the “good” guys. The other side is gay, kills babies, is soft on terrorism and wants to give your tax dollars to brown people. It’s a powerful argument to the sheeple.

The Dissident formerly known as “Angry Chowder”

Irving Kristol is the main disciple of Leo Strauss, along with his son Bill (editor of Weekly Standard), Richard Perle, Doug Feith, Paul Wolfowitz and, of course, Don Rumsfeld. They were all part of PNAC, the group that called for Clinton to overthrow Saddam Hussein in 1998. PNAC outlined a strategy to reshape the Middle East according to neo-conservatard plans, but were frustrated that without a “new Pearl Harbor”, American people wouldn’t go along with it. Of course, the “new Pearl Harbor” happened just about two years later, huh? Coincidence, I’m sure……

To anybody that really pays attention to what is happening in the world today the neoconservatives agenda is obvious. Today nobody can object about it or they will be labeled “Anti-Semitic” (notice that all these neo-conservatards are all Zionists who want to change the Middle East to advance Israeli influence in the region) or a “conspiracy theorist”. Throw in the fact that the actual conservatards in power are also soaked in the oil business, and we have all the right people making all the right money at the right time. It’s a perfect plan because Americans only really cares about shit like who’s going to win American Idol.

Israel keeps on killing Arabs with American-made weapons. Israel is a country that is the size of New Jersey, but has the world’s fourth largest military and the largest fleet of F-16s outside the US. In addition it has the only nuclear arsenal in the region. Neoconservatives are pushing their agenda of the “American Way” or else, and the oil barons are making profits hand over foot. Wondering why Islamists hate us?

For the right wing fundamentalist Christians that are in league with the neoconservatives, Israel has to exist and be protected. They believe that when the Baby Jesus comes back, he’s going to rule from the new Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Never mind that there’s a Muslim mosque on the exact site where the new temple is to be built. Which means, of course, the more desperate neoconservatives and their fundamentalist Christian allies get for the End Times, the more shit is going to hit the fan over there. Ever wonder why such a big deal was made about Iraq ignoring some UN resolutions, but nothing is said about Israel’s continued violation of UN resolution 242? They can’t leave the occupied territories because they’re afraid there would be no conflict over there anymore, and that is totally what is needed to keep the whole machine running.
Plus, our President’s family fortune was made partly from dealing with Nazi businesses during WWII (and into the 50’s, really). And the senior Bush has had the Bin Ladens’ out to the ranch since 1973.

So we have quasi-fascist philosophy running the country through “terrorist”-connected agents and war profiteers dripping with oil. That’s America, and if you’re not on our side, you’re a terrorist. And since we’re in a “war” on “terror”, the guy in charge has claimed unlimited power to do as he pleases. It’s brilliant.

Anyway, research all this crap and you’ll get it.

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