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Why is the country with the third largest oil reserve importing oil?

August 18, 2006


In an article on Yahoo today I see that Iraq is doubling the amount of money it spend to import oil.

“Falah Alamri, head of the State Oil Marketing Organization, which is responsible for Iraq’s imports of oil products, said the money normally allocated by the government to buy oil products was doubled in August, to $426 million. The normally allocated amount would be doubled for September, too, Alamri told Dow Jones Newswires.”

The article says that Iraq need to import oil because of damages caused to pipelines and refineries by insurgents.
Well isn’t that just convenient for the Bushtard backed Conservatard oil barons.

If Iraq, third largest oil reserve, can’t even pump and refine enough oil to meets its own domestic needs, what is left for the world oil market? The answered is not much.

Flag of OPEC. Could this be our new flag?Common sense dictates if you have a product in high demand and a limited supply of that product, the price goes up. The profit for those who own, process and distribute the product goes up as well. In fact you get paid more for doing less work.

Everyone knows that the Bushtard administration is doing a horrible job of bring peace to Iraq and the Middle East. That is everyone that does not directly profit from bloodshed, mayhem and murder. The people and companies that do profit from war in the Middle East are the ones that keep saying “Stay the Course”. Or more recently “Adapt and win”.

Who are these people? Any body that is making gobs of our hard earned money. All that you have to do is look at any business section of any newspaper to realize which companies have reaped billions in increased profits since 2003.Welcome to Exxonia formerly known as the USA. Please breath deep and cough.

It is not big surprise that Iraq has to import refined oil products. In America the oil industries have not built a new refinery in over 30 years. If you can’t build a refinery in America then you sure as shit won’t be able to build, secure and maintain refineries in a war torn country like Iraq.

I wonder how large the oil stock options are going to be for the whole gang of Bustards’ is going to be after January 2009? That is unless they don’t declare the Constitution of the United States null and void and enact an authoritarian dictatorship here in the good old US of A. All that I know is that the Oil industry owes the Bustard’s big time for handing over unprecedented profits and tax breaks to the oil industry.

By the way, we the American public have paid for the whole thing! We pay at the pump, we pay through our energy bills, we pay with our freedom. We pay with our current taxes, and our grand children will still be paying long after we are pushing up daises. But, the highest price of all that we are paying right now is with is the blood of our kids in the armed services.

So make sure you vote Republican this fall. You wouldn’t want the Al-Qaeda loving, flag burning, dope smoking, gay loving, yellow bellied Democrats to win would you?

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  1. January 11, 2007 9:46 am

    Very interesting site… I wish I could build one like yours!nancy

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