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What the F@(|( Conservatards! Get your stories strait.

August 16, 2006

From the John Stewart show on comedy central.

John is playing a meet the press interview with Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman. Kenny boy is doling out the new Republitard talking points for Iraq. The old mantra of “Stay the course” has been upgraded to” Adapt and win”. Wow Ken, somebody has been reading their Sun Tzu lately.

The funniest thing about the new Conservatard strategy is that “Adapt and win” won’t work any better than “Stay the course” in the way that Kenny boy is describing. What he seems to mean by “Adapting” is to send more troops toIraq and crush the resistance.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear Kenny boy say something closer to the truth. Something like:

Well we lied about our motives to the American public and the world to invade
Iraq, sorry about that. And, ummm well we really screwed everything up, sorry about that too. And ummm….Well we don’t really have a clue how to get out the mess that we just made. And, ummm… well… we do have one plan but, umm… It involves lots of nuclear bombs and mass genocide. But that plan is still undergoing development in our Neo-Conservatard think tanks.

Authors Note: The above is a ficticious quote. It is not an actual quote from Ken Mehlman.

You can see part of the actual interview of Ken Mehlman on meet the press here. He starts the “Adapt to win” mantra in the middle of the clip. He talks about some other BS in the middle. At the end of the clip he starts talking about what he “thinks” the American public wants.

He actually thinks that the majority of American citizens want their rights stripped from them by Patriot Act. He thinks that American public wants to continue sending our kids to die in a desert hell-hole. And finally he thinks the American public wants our grandchildren to still be paying off the debt of invading

Well why not, he isn’t suffering. It’s the working stiffs like us that have to pay the bill in the end. You got to love this dude. He’s the Conservatardiest!

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