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Civil war in Iraq? Goodness gracious no you Hippie!

August 8, 2006

The Thief of Baghdad

While the world is watching the bloodshed between Israel and Lebanon, a lovely civil war is alive and kicking in Iraq.

It seems that death is the norm for the day in Iraq. And that is just the way the Neo-Conservatards like it.

Oh No! There may be an unforeseen glitch. It seems that perhaps that the Iraqis’ may slow down the violence. Over the weekend it seems the warring factions had a unity demonstration in Baghdad. They were trying to temporarily put down their differences to become one Islamic people.

You might ask what common cause they are rallying around? Well my friend they are using us, the United States as their unifying principal. That is hatred all of America and especially our Conservatard in Chief Mr. George W. Bustard. It seems that people in the demonstration were comparing him to Saddam Hussein. They had signs with a picture of Saddam and King George together. The signs said “Bush and Saddam, Two faces to one coin”.

Bush and Saddam, Same Coin!

Kind of witty don’t you think? Frankly I don’t blame them. Hussein was a tyrant and a dictator. He used the Iraqi people for his own gain and power. And like Saddam, the Bustard / Darth Cheney clan has used the Iraqi and American people to boost their own power and fill the coffers of their Conservatard corporate masters.

Will this new peace movement in Iraq succeed? As Donny boy Rumsfeld would say, “Who Knows”? Chances are it won’t. Not because people prefer pace over bloodshed. Not because people in Iraq are not trying. The reason is that the Neo-Conservatards don’t want Peace in Iraq. Why would you want a sable peace, prosperity and a thriving economy when billions are to be made by perpetuating war?

Grudgingly the Bustards are shifting and moving a few more troops into Baghdad to make it seem that they are doing something to create peace. But as most astute people know we would really need to send in five times the number of troops to ensure peace.

It is amazing that we the American people have fallen for all of the lies that the Bustards gave us for the reason to invade Iraq. “We will bring Democracy to the Middle East”. That and other lies have not only cost American and Iraqi lives, billions of American Tax dollars, but it has cost us the reputation of a free and fair country that used to be the envy of all the world.

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