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Conservatards say, “Invading Iraq was never about the about the Oil!” True, it’s about the lack of oil!

August 2, 2006

Have you ever had an unenlightened conservatard say the following statements to you when ever the subject of Iraq comes up?

“Invading Iraq was never about the oil! It’s about stopping terrorism!” “What are you, some kind of conspiracy nut thinking that invading Iraq is about oil?”

It's Not about the oil! You dirty dope smokin' Hippy!

I have heard these and other similar statements before. When I hear a Conservatard say this I usually come back with something like this.

“You are absolutely correct. It was never about pumping more oil out of Iraq. Invading Iraq was about creating as much confusion in the Middle East as possible and not pumping oil out of Iraq.”

At this point the typical Conservatard either thinks that you are in agreement with them, that you sort of agree with them, or they are just confused and wander away go watch more Conservatard propaganda on Fox News Network.

If the Conservatard in question actually sticks around I may expand my explanation with a few post Iraq invasion factoids.

So why did the Conservatards and the Neo-Conservatards really invade Iraq? And why do they love to keep poking sticks into Middle Eastern hornets nest that they can find?

Because, invading Iraq, perpetual war and causing mayhem in the world was never about pumping more oil you stupid dope smoking hippy! It is about pumping less oil! Follow the Money Mr. Beal! Follow the money!

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