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Conservatards Love Diebold! You Should Too!

August 1, 2006

I found a link of the following article on Slashdot.

It is about a non profit group called the Open Voting Foundation  that got their hands on a Diebold TS voting machine.  

They have detailed pictures of the insides of TS and found an easy way that someone, who is willing and able, can easily change the voting software.

“Diebold has made the testing and certification process practically irrelevant.”  “If you have access to these machines and you want to rig an election, anything is possible with the Diebold TS — and it could be done without leaving a trace. All you need is a screwdriver.”

Alan Dechert, Open Voting Foundation president

Personally I’m relieved to know that our Neo-Conservatard elected officials have decided to update our failing old manual voting machines.  It is much better to have a computer system that will not leave a verifiable trace of voter’s real intentions in case of a recount.

Besides, why should we waste paper and trees for something as insignificant as voting!

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