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Q: Why is the US not trying to stop the war Between Isreal and Hezbollah ?

July 26, 2006

A: Follow the Money!


Greg Palast hits the nail on the head with his explanation of why the US, UN, and other Middle Eastern countries are not trying to stop the ongoing conflict with Israel and Lebanon.


So why is nobody doing anything? It seems that eithr the US, NATO, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran or even the 4-H club could and should doing everything in their power to stop this fighting.

I think Mr. Palast has a pretty good answer.


“Maybe because mayhem and murder in the Middle East are very, very profitable to the sponsors of these characters with bombs and rockets.”


With the Israelis saying that this conflict may stretch on for weeks, Big Oil and the Neoconservatards sitting in the White House have a lot to gain from Middle East unrest and war!


It looks like Mr. Palast really is earning his pay check!

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