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Conservatard in Chief cuts aide to Africa and thwarts anti-terrorism effort.

July 24, 2006

Do you still think that the Conservatards really give a rat’s fanny about fighting terrorism? I won’t go into the fact that our Conservatard president’s decision to invade Iraq actually helps the terrorists. That has been covered in numerous books and articles.

It seems that because it costs so much to sustain the Iraq occupation, George W. in is infinite conservatard wisdom has substantially reduced our military aide to Africa.

This may not seem to be a big deal on the surface until you recall that terrorists do a lot of recruitment in Africa. Remember the bombings of the two American embassies back in the 1990’s?

The upside to this under funding of military aide to Africa is that the Chinese are filling in the money gap. China is now the third larges trading partner with Africa. Good to know that the “Cold War” has ended and the communists are now are friends. 😉

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