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What is a Conservatard?

July 19, 2006

To start things off correctly I should explain the Title of this Blog. I learned the term “Conservatard” from a co-worker. I had not heard it used before and frankly I was a little offended at first. Mind you I was not offended by the conservative part of the word, but the “tard” short hand for “retarded” part of the word. I didn’t feel it was fair to shame people who are mentally disabled due to a genetic trait. I especially didn’t fill it was fair to hitch the stigma of being a conservative to mentally disabled people. 

I soon overcame this dislike as I began to understand how the word is used. It is used by my co-worker and I to basically classify people who are so narrow minded, naive, and essentially stupid by choice. The people that believe that corrupt officials, Republicans, neoconservatives, big business, and the current government actually give a shit about them. The only thing that the care about is their vote or if  they make over $500,000 a year and contribute to either GOP campaigns or give the current Bush cronies jobs and stock options. 

So I apologize in advanced to any people who are mentally disabled due to genetics or other factors out of their control. I do not mean to slander or offend you by placing you in the “Conservative” camp. I know that you are good people who care about others, unlike the “Conservatards”.

Here is a good definition of conservatard that I found at 

1. Conservatard

A person who is politically conservative to an extreme degree, often with no sound intellectual basis for his or her beliefs.Conservatards believe that loud volume, belligerence, and personal attacks trump logic and reasoning in any argument. In a conservatard‘s eyes, logic and reasoning are used by communists and hippies to warp the minds of the innocent young, and therefore must be avoided at all costs.When engaged in political discourse, Conservatards change subjects often; preferring to point out unrelated (or even fabricated) examples of liberal folly rather than directly addressing the topic at hand. Some conservatards like to use large words like “misunderestimate” and “nukular” to impress others with their advanced grasp of English vocabulary, and by extension, their intelligence.Conservatards generally have no concept of history, and in fact, may not even be able to read above a third grade level. Most of their belief structure is dictated to them by a television.

With its recent ruling requiring intelligent design to be taught in schools,
Kansas has become the nation’s conservatard capitol.

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